Abercrombie & Fitch is celebrating the comfort, confidence and stress-free spirit of its denim, crafted with the customer in mind. That’s really great news, another popular denim brand going size inclusive.

Abercrombie & Fitch announced the launch of its “Denim Your Way” campaign showcasing Abercrombie customers and fans as the campaign’s models, including several social media personalities and influencers. An ode to the brand’s commitment to denim comfort and fit, the campaign is the culmination of over a year of research, fit testing and customer interviews to create the brand’s best jeans yet.

“Any relationship’s success depends on one’s ability to listen, and when it comes to Abercrombie’s relationship with our customers, we did just that. We’ve doubled down on the fit of our denim, its feel and comfort, the quality of its construction and materials, the inclusivity of our sizing, and our range of styles. When it came to crafting a campaign celebrating our denim, it only felt right to highlight those who inspired that commitment: our customers.

Inclusivity in design means listening to your customers from across the spectrum of life experiences to craft clothing that meets their needs. That can mean designing jeans to limit a waist gap, sourcing fabrics to flatter and appreciate varying bodies, considering the many gender experiences and identities of our customers, as well as innovating designs and fits that truly celebrate many forms and sizes.

Abercrombie’s “Denim Your Way” assortment is its most inclusive yet, with women’s sizes ranging from 23-37 in lengths from extra short to long. It includes the brand’s Curve Love fits, which are designed with extra room in the thigh and constructed to help mitigate waist gaps.

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