Artistic Milliners, a multi-faceted, vertically integrated denim and garment manufacturer, doesn’t stop: their thing is – in one word – sustainability. Every single day they are striving to get closer to the 100% sustainable goal they have set for themselves. Making a commitment to achieve net zero emissions at most by 2050.

“Our target is to cut our carbon footprint to half by 2030. To achieve this, we have set a detailed climate strategy based on science-based targets by making sizeable interventions in the most energy intensive areas of our business.

We are also working with the M&E partners like CDP and Higg Index to disclose our ongoing progress in the #RaceToZero.”

We will be posting updates about their progress – so stay tuned.

Artistic Milliners is definitely setting an example of how to work towards keeping our planet the best place to be.


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