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Slim Fit Splattered Cargo Jeans

PURPLE BRAND is one cool denim brand for men which has been popping up in our searches frequently in the last few seasons. If you are a guy looking for jeans with interesting and fun details, then this is a brand you should definitely keep on your radar.

PURPLE BRAND was founded in 2017 with the concept of mixing industrial design, streetwear and luxury fashion. They’re doing mostly skinny and slim jeans, but you can always size up for a looser fit. And this is also a good thing to note – as opposed to many other denim brands, PURPLE jeans have a more extensive size range: 28 to 38 and some of their pieces are available even up to size 40.

Bloomingdale’s just added a few new styles this season and our team chose a couple of their favorites – check them out below!

paint splatter jeans men

Skinny Fit Distressed Jeans

white skinny jeans men

White Mechanic Skinny Jeans

distressed jeans men

P001 Slim Fit Jeans in Multicolor Stitch Repair

color jeans men

Coral Light Spray Skinny Jeans

Indigo Lapis Marble Skinny Jeans

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