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Ralph Lauren – How About a Denim Jacket With Built-In A/C?!

Ralph Lauren – How About a Denim Jacket With Built-In A/C?!
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The Olympic competition will be fierce, but Team USA’s Opening Ceremony uniforms will be chill.

The Ralph Lauren designed white denim jackets contain a cutting-edge personal cooling system that can regulate body temperature in oppressive heat. Which means essentially acting as a wearable air-conditioning unit.

The label tapped Silicon Valley honchos, as well as leaders in the environmental and sustainability movement, and looked at what the Department of Energy was doing in the emerging field of personal thermal management.

The result is RL COOLING technology. It’s a “James Bond-like” battery-powered device inserted into the back of the jacket that gives the wearer a shot of cold to the base of the neck. It’s the one spot on your body where your brain senses it and it begins to cool your body. It helps you sweat less and your body will feel more like it’s 70 to 75 degrees even if it’s 90 degrees. Also, the jackets are made in the U.S. using sustainable processes and materials. Including a dyeing process that uses less water, chemicals and energy. The fabric is made from recycled plastic water bottles.

According to Ralph Lauren, the cooling jacket was really to tell a bigger story about American ingenuity and leadership. It’s not just to look cool but to help our athletes stay cool in what will be incredibly muggy Japanese temperature. They will be the only people in the world with them.

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