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Trending: Denim x Animal Prints x Cowboy Boots

Trending: Denim x Animal Prints x Cowboy Boots
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We were checking out a lot of streetstyle fashion pictures from all around the world – think Fashion Week in Rome, Milan, Paris, and more.

And besides the denim, there were two trends that we’re definitely having on our radar. As we have mentioned before, one of the trends that kept popping up A LOT were the cowboy boots.

Off-White Cowboy Boots ($1,382)

And the other trend is definitely animal prints. They’re on the comeback track. Shirts, jackets, dresses, and yes, animal-print jeans of course.

Whether you’re going to jump on that wagon or not, it’s worth checking out the options and there’s nothing better to do this than finding out what’s on the street. In “real life”, and not only in fashion and runway shows. And ok, you don’t necessarily have to wear all of these trends together – maybe just one at a time. Or, maybe, just go for all of them together, why not?! After all, it’s YOU who dictates fashion, and not the other way around.

For Her:

For Him:

{street style images courtesy vogue}

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