When we first saw the looks of the ERL spring 2022 collection, we immediately thought of teen-brand Hollister. Definitely more pricey than Hollister, though, with prices ranging from $150 to $500+. But let’s put it this way: Los Angeles based brand, ERL, is kind of more sophisticated and fashion forward, but the “basic instincts” are the same!

Designed by Eli Russell Linnetz, ERL is the ironic, organic, genderless, extra-colored brand you needed. Citing its IG account, in summary: “Clothing from Venice Beach California”.

Judging from the looks of the models here, the brand is definitely aimed aimed at the Generation Z, but we believe that this can be your go-to brand at any age, as long as you are part of the “young at heart” crowd!

The jeans are low-slung and rather slouchy in sync with the currently uber-long inseams. Embroidered sweater and neon colored tops is exactly what we will be looking for after a winter of blacks and greys.

“Cross-dimensional hitchhiking, making the way to California” and “a romantic blowing in the wind journey across all parts of America” were two ways Linnetz described his spring 2022 mood.

Linnetz is launching womenswear, and it’s an equally manic trip through the codes of casual American style. Tiered flimsy skirts in acid-trip colors clash with girlish cotton tops and school-picture day knitwear, dotted with embroidered flowers. Most of the collection is shared across the genders, giant shearling pieces.

Definitely a brand to keep on your radar if you love colorful and easy-to-wear clothes. You can check out some of the current collections at SSENSE, FARFETCH, and at LN-CC.

{images courtesy vogue}

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