women's jeans

If you are still missing your comfortable and well worn sweatpants but can’t stand the sight of them anymore…. no problemo.

Alexander Wang has you covered in denim and feeling just as comfy!

Thing is that I still occasionally find myself looking with longing at my sweats that carried me (partly) through the peaks of last year’s lookdown. But I can’t get myself to wear them anymore. They carry with them sad memories I’d rather forget. And yeah, I admit, even though I am a total denim addict, during those bad times every once in a while I actually did succumb to the sweatpants allure.

Well, to make it easy for all of us who have become comfort addicted but without wanting to let go of style, here is Alexander Wang’s way out:

“The denim you loved re-imagined in sweatsuit silhouettes.” Scroll down for our favorite options!

loose jeans

Ruched Waist Baggy Pants

carpenter jeans

Double Front Carpenter Pants


Ruched Waist Culotte in Denim Black

denim jacket

Field Jacket in Denim

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