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BLANKNYC Asymmetrical Fly Jeans ($98)

One of the biggest and – in my opinion – coolest – denim trends are the cross-over or asymmetrical button fly jeans. They can be a loose fit, like the 90’s style, or baggy, that’s totally up to your liking.

About two years ago I fell in total love with a pair of the AGOLDE Criss-Cross jeans. And, guys, as you can imagine, being a denim editor I always receive lots of new and cool (and also not so cool) jeans to review. But since I “met” those cross-over bad boys, I have always gone back for them.

Anything asymmetrical is absolutely my thing, and it’s a style that’s definitely here to stay.

Last season we’ve already featured some cool options and now you can check out the newest cross-over jeans and be aware, they’re are vanishing off the shelves everywhere!

AGOLDE Criss-Cross Upsized Jeans ($188)

R13 Crossover Waist Distressed Boyfriend Jeans ($679)

boyfriend jeans

Pistola Bobbie Asymmetric Straight Jeans ($138)

Boyish The Casey Straight ($217)

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