Giorgio Armani took his first post-show bow at his south side of Milan show space since January 2020, for fall menswear, before he became the first fashion designer to sense the threat of COVID and close his doors.

The catwalk show featuring the spring 2022 collection marked the 40-year anniversary since Armani opened a new store in Milan selling a collection he’d entitled Emporio Armani, or Armani Emporium.

On the image above you can see next to Armani Silvana, his niece: Mr. Armani, 86, has already said that he is preparing for the future, and this was fresh evidence of that.

As for the denim pieces of the collection, both the women’s and the men’s focused on classic Italian-style and cut dark blue jeans and blazers or jackets along with lots of neutral tones.

Also very present were the patchwork denims:

And again, no skinny jeans in sight. Reinforcing the classic Italian fashion concepts, most of the jeans are – oversized, yes – but not baggy. Pleated and well tailored, exactly the style we have always considered synonymous of Armani and Italian fashion in general.

As for accessories, the belt-cum-suspenders, well, certainly and interesting option if you can’t decide on either!

And on a side-note – even though it’s not denim, we’d love to show once again that color is going to be a real thing – already starting this winter. So the question is, when are we going to see bright and eye-catching colored jeans out there again?!

You can shop for Emporio Armani at Neiman Marcus, SAKS, and at CETTIRE.

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