Named Natural Selection, this is the second capsule developed by the SFI design team featuring Artistic Milliners’ fabrics – read more and check out the first drop here.

About this new collection:

“The future of denim moves beyond blue to incorporate urban neutrals and new wash and dye treatments that are both innovative and sustainable.

For our second capsule, Natural Selection, we wanted to evolve our capsule concept from wardrobe staples into fashion must-haves.

Head-to-toe dressing has been on our radar for a few seasons now, so we took on that trend, utilizing some of our favorite fabrics and wash techniques, including several innovative and sustainable finishes.

We created both subtle and bold all-over designs using our Pure Color dyes in combination with laser technology on both PFD and indigo fabrics. We also designed a matching jean and jacket using 100% post-industrial waste co on and brightened it by using our  Clear Fade technology, which was also used on indigo tops and bottoms throughout the collection.

The leather-like effect on our high-rise cigarette fit was created by using Pure Color in combination with Bio Coating.”

Pure Color are unique natural dyes made from minerals, rocks, sands and soil. These natural colors can be applied to textiles without chemical modification or synthetic additives. Indeed, PureColor dyes are applied with a ZDHC/GreenScreen-certified sustainable mordant and the final garments are finished with our PureSoft all neutral softeners.

The PureCoIor dye process requires less energy and less water than standard dyeing with synthetic dyes. PureCoIor requires 67% Iless water, 36% less energy than direct dyes. Less water and 29% less energy than reactive dyes and 67% less water and 36% less energy than pigment dyes.

Clear Fade faithfully recreates the look of a classic bleached or acid-wash jean using a new waterless process with a special powder rather than chlorine or potassium permanganate. The process uses 32% less water and 16% less energy than conventional acid wash and reduces the EIM score by 32%.

We also used our Bio Coating to create the leather-like finish on our high-rise cigarette fit. Made from raw materials that include more than 55% natural resources, the long lasting Bio Coating is Bluesign and ZDHC leveI  3-certified and will retain its look without need for additional treatments.”

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