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We can perfectly imagine the scenery: you are in the denim section of your favorite jeans store. Or you are in front of your computer searching for your next pair of jeans online. And the more you look, the more confused you get.

If there ever was a challenge… What the heck is the difference between a straight leg, a slim straight, and a tapered straight leg…. we hear you!

This is why we asked our denim reviewers for a clear and to-the-point explanation of the top trending jeans styles, including a couple of examples for each fit.

Scroll down and say good bye to your denim dilemma right now!


These are your best option if you love fitted jeans that don’t cling to your body like skinny jeans do. Usually the slim jeans also feature less stretch than skinny jeans.

slim jeans men

BLANKNYC Wooster Jeans ($98), also available in more washes

grey jeans

G-Star RAW Scutar 3D Slim Jeans ($114)


The next “step” to a still slim fit but with a bit more room at the legs.

Liverpool Los Angeles Kingston Slim Straight Jeans

Polo Ralph Lauren Varick Slim Straight Leg Jeans ($98)


Run straight from the hips down through the legs, probably the most classic fit of all. Can be worn in a low-slung slouchier way, think James Dean. Note that the best fits of the straight leg jeans are made of 100% cotton denim.

raw denim

Mott & Bow Straight Crosby ($108)

light blue jeans

ORSLOW Light Denim 105 Straight=Leg Jeans ($380)

straight leg jeans men

Nudie Jeans Gritty Jackson Jeans ($215)


The fit is exactly like above mentioned just that instead of being straight through the ankle, they get narrower and usually are shorter than the regular fits. Best options are choosing jeans with some stretch in order not to bag out at the knees. But if you are going for authentic, then go with rigid denim jeans.

tapered jeans men

Levi’s 512 Slim Taper Fit Jeans ($69.50)

cropped men's jeans

Gucci Slim-Fit Cropped Tapered Jeans ($1,300)


Translate your sweatpants into denim and here you go. Basically the most comfortable fit with lots of leg room.

men's jeans

34 HERITAGE Charisma Relaxed Fit Jeans ($185)

relaxed jeans

Silver Jeans Co. Zac Relaxed Fit Jeans ($98)

And what’s up with the ATHLETIC FIT jeans popping up everywhere?

These are for you if you work out a lot and have strong leg muscles. The fit is roomier above the knee and tapered below for a more tailored fit.

athletic fit jeans men

J.Crew 1040 Athletic-Fit Jeans ($69.50)

slim jeans men

Madewell Athletic Slim Authentic Flex Jeans ($128)

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