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Real Denim x Digital Denim? Are you Ready For This?

Real Denim x Digital Denim? Are you Ready For This?

Are you ready to ditch your traditional denim jeans and venture into a pair of digital printed ones?

“Overall, digital denim samples made using a computer and printer are a good match on average for denim made using traditional, more labor-intensive methods, according to a new study.”

Ok, sure, we are absolutely all about sustainable and conserving our planet. But digital printed denim jeans? Um…. well, we are trying to find out more before we judge.

So, is this about to become a thing in general in the denim industry?

compare traditional denim (right) to digital denim fabric. (Photo credit: Ming Wang/NC State

Personally, my first instinct was – absolutely no way. What’s wrong with the way jeans are like now and ever since they had been “invented”?

But then I stopped to think about how many other times before I said the same thing and then became a total convert. Like I loved my old Blackberry and then they stopped producing it and I had to “convert” to iPhone and then I became an absolute iPhone addict…

So, let’s just keep this digital denim thing on our radar until we find out more. And maybe get to try on a pair of digital print jeans.

As for now, the only jeans that probably come close to the digital print concept are the rag & bone Miramar jeans.

rag & bone launched their first digital print jeans exactly one year ago, in 2020, and they have been a bestseller ever since. Just that at the time we didn’t give the digital print fact much thought. We were more about the look and feel of the jeans. The look is exactly denim, and the feel is exactly cotton sweatpants comfortable.

So, what is your take on digital print jeans? Are these really going to substitute the real thing… or are these more likely become an “also running” thing?

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