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Think Certain Distressed Jeans Look “Weird”? All About!

Think Certain Distressed Jeans Look “Weird”? All About!
distressed jeans

We’re sure it has happened to you… You’re looking at a pair of jeans and at first glimpse your (denim)heart starts to beat faster. You absolutely 💙 – but then you take a closer look, and well, something seems kind of “off”? Hey, been there done that!

When it comes to buying ready made distressed and ripped jeans, there is one thing that is always our deciding factor. Does the distressing look real? Like if we had actually worn the jeans over and over again, would the placement of the rips or the distressing on those jeans look natural?

Unfortunately, most of the times we have to decline. For instance, we never understood why brands seem to love manufacturing jeans with rips along the upper part of the legs – how real can those be “for real”?

Or how about the fake whiskering along the front of the hips, seriously! Btw: Whiskering refers to thin fading lines formed from creases that are usually found on the front hip and pocket area of jeans.

Pretty fake looking, huh!

And about the holes and distressing – how do jeans get these holes on the upper legs in real life?

ripped jeans

As opposed to the natural distressing (the perfect well loved and worn in look)

vintage jeans

So now that you have seen where we are going, below you can find a couple of “real life” cool looking distressed, ripped, and whiskered jeans and why we chose them.

Both options are distressed and worn in looking without having being too obviously artificially distressed

slim jeans women

MOUSSY VINTAGE Skinny Jeans ($360) – authentic looking tiny feathered rips on the front with frayed pockets and very natural looking distressed hems

selvedge jeans

A.P.C. Petit Standard Indigo Jeans ($210) – Selvedge jeans just the slightest bit distressed along front, they’re all ready for you to make them your own

wide leg jeans

Madewell Superwide -Leg Jeans ($135) – a real vintage look without overdone whiskering and distressing

AG Jeans – was originally founded by Adriano Goldschmied who got the authentic worn in washes right since the very beginning. The brand continues with their trademark, 10-, 15-, and more years washes. Kudos!

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