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This Fall Is All About Corduroy Jeans {Women’s Edition}

This Fall Is All About Corduroy Jeans {Women’s Edition}
stretch corduroy jeans
American Eagle Stretch Corduroy Mom Jeans ($40), available in 7 colors

I am sure you remember that a few years ago corduroys were the kind of jeans we associated with stretching out, bagging, and not very sexy looking.

Not anymore. For the past few seasons, corduroy jeans most of the time feature at least some stretch which makes them adhere to your body and look super sexy and feminine.

They also are a perfect addition to our winter wardrobe, especially for us denim addicts. A great option to sway away every once in a while from our eternal denim jeans.

Below you can find a roundup of some of the coolest options in store right now, including super skinnies, flares, and bootcuts. Also, we love the colors! As we have pointed out already, this fall and winter is going to be all about colors. For tops, bottoms, and outerwear. And, as always…

Happy Shopping!

plus size jeans

Maeve Colette Cropped Wide-Leg Corduroy Pants ($120), available in 5 colors, standard and plus sizes

flare corduroy pants

Levi’s Math Club Cropped Flare Corduroy Pants ($89.50)

black corduroy pants

Diesel Akemi High-Rise Bootcut Corduroy Pants ($225)

skinny corduroy jeans

AG Mid Rise Cigarette Corduroy Jeans ($188), available in 3 colors

curvy jeans

Ann Taylor Animal Print High-Rise Corduroy Pants ($109 – 40% with code), available in regular and curvy

corduroy bootcut Jeans

Reformation Peyton High Rise Bootcut Corduroy Pants ($148), available in 3 colors

corduroy flare jeans

Prosperity Denim Farrah Tan Corduroy Flare ($78)

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