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CORDURA – A Decade of Durable Denim

CORDURA – A Decade of Durable Denim
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As we become more conscious of the importance of sustainability, denim that is durable and lasts longer is a win-win must do. It is not only fundamental for making our planet a better place to be, but it’s also “wallet friendly”. Scroll down to find out more about CORDURA® denim which is at least four times more durable than traditional 100% cotton denim:

“Denim is designed to help jeans last longer than traditional 100% cotton denim. It’s engineered with an intimate blend of military-grade INVISTA T420 nylon 6,6 staple fiber and cotton for an authentic denim look, feel and comfort with enhanced abrasion resistance. CORDURA® Denims are stronger than conventional cotton denims and retain this strength even after exposure to regular wear and tear, helping jeans last and look new for longer – no matter where they are worn – in the city, on the jobsite, or on a host of other adventures.”

This year marks the 10th anniversary since the durable CORDURA® Denim technology was launched in the technical denim space. For the past decade we have explored, engineered, created and challenged the denim world to “push performance” and “demand more from what you wear”. CORDURA® Denim is proven to be at least four times more durable than traditional 100% cotton equivalents and has found a firm fan-base as the comfortable, durable option for skateboarders, climbers, cycle commuters, workers and motorcyclists.

“Sustainability Begins With Products That Last™

Part of the portfolio of durable CORDURA® advanced fabrics for apparel, CORDURA® denim helps jeans last-longer because we believe that “Sustainability Begins With Products That Last™”.

Always durable, always hardworking, CORDURA® denim gives an authentic denim look and feel with enhanced protective performance no matter what the environment – be that urban jungle, building site or mountaintop.

CORDURA® Lab to Life™ denim testing protocol

We believe in demanding more from what you wear. Our CORDURA® Lab to Life™ denim testing protocol supports sustainability, focusing on built-in resistance to abrasion and tear.  This built-in CORDURA® Denim strength is based on denims engineered from a blend of INVISTA’s military-grade T420 nylon-6,6 staple fiber and cotton.

We design and engineer with a view to the future with the aim of creating CORDURA® denim that reflects innovation and heritage while encapsulating next generation durability, strength and added performance while being sustainable. This is where hemp comes in.

Hemp brings aesthetic and eco-efficient advantages

Working with hemp has value in our knit and denim apparel collection in particular.  Hemp offers the benefits of enhanced abrasion resistance, tensile and tear strength – three qualities which align to the long-lasting performance platform of the CORDURA® brand. We are excited to explore the aesthetic advantages and eco-efficient properties that hemp can bring to CORDURA® technology developments.

CORDURA® Denims are designed with ‘Hidden Science’ to push the boundaries of durability.  In denim, working with nature, as opposed to alongside it, creates an aesthetic that’s both contemporary and constructive.  CORDURA® hemp blends for apparel provide a complement to the current CORDURA® technology portfolio, with hemp blends bringing synergistic fiber properties to the high tenacity, strength, durability, versatility and sustainability of the CORDURA® fabric range.


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