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On Our Radar: AE77 – Find Out Why:-)

On Our Radar: AE77 – Find Out Why:-)

We recently introduced AE77 here @Denimology, an American Eagle sister brand created with the focus on sustainability. It is a lifestyle brand and their collections are and will be all about sustainability and environmentally friendly.

I visited their new store in Soho, the heart of Manhattan, and was truly impressed. Not only with their clothes, but also with the store itself. You can check out my Instagram post, and below you can see the highlights about the store itself:

Environment echoes sustainability commitments:

  • Nearly all  post consumer paper packaging is 100% recyclable
  • All paper is FSC Certified or made from recycled content
  • Leed Certified with no single use plastic within packaging
  • In store fixtures are antique and there many reclaimed design elements
  • Experiments with minimalism using industrial and authentic materials

Responsibly made to stand the test of time, AE77 denim is artfully designed and sustainably crafted, meant to be lived in and repaired. Leveraging AEO’s leadership in the denim business, AE77 launched as a beginning point of higher sustainability standards and plans to evolve continuously.  

“We’re committed to becoming industry leaders by forging a path to fully sustainable manufacturing. We want to not only lessen our impact on the Earth and its people, but also uncover ways in which we can return to the planet. We embrace the tension between creativity and sustainability. Design and manufacturing. Heart and mind. All have an equal weight and impact everything we do.”

Product assortment specific: 

  • Adhere to planet-first crafting through:
  • Fabrics made from sustainable raw materials to all extents possible, including organic, recycled, or sustainably sourced through the Better Cotton Initiative
  • Exclusive use of Green Chemistry to reduce or eliminate hazardous substances commonly used in the washing of denim 
  • Factories making AE77 denim meet AEO’s highest water requirements, for water recycling, water management, and wastewater.
  • Denim styles were made with a focus on lowering their environmental impact through more sustainable techniques and machinery
  • Low impact denim washes  
  • AE77 is a certified partner of 1% For the Planet and has committed 1% of our sales to this organization.

This focus on sustainability doesn’t come cheap. The price-range of their jeans and sweaters is higher than in their American Eagle stores, but you get not only sustainable, but quality.

I was very impressed with the feel and fit of their jeans and their range of sweaters, especially their recycled cashmeres. Stay tuned for my personal review coming up ASAP!

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