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RAEY Extra Fold Jeans – If You Love Uber-Sized 😁

RAEY Extra Fold Jeans – If You Love Uber-Sized 😁
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Matchesfashion’s own clothing brand, Raey, once again is totally on our radar. We discovered the brand when we were all WFH during lock-down, with nothing to look at outside of our four walls and nowhere to go. We had all reached a total blank when it came to actually trying to discover out there what’s new in denim. There simply was no out there.

So we went “in there” and that means, online surfing total. And this is how we discovered this super cool – and reasonably priced – brand, Raey. To refresh your memory, you can read more here. And btw – the brand is not only about denim, but also offers a whole range of many more items like tops, dresses, and more.

Because we have received a lot of inquiries about real baggy jeans. Jeans that are not only uber-oversized but also cool, edgy and, above all, eye-catching and attention calling. Not to mention the fact that you’re also looking for a great fit. As incredible as it may sound, baggy jeans can be a real turn-off if they don’t fit right.

The Raey Extra Fold Jeans ($191) are made of organic and recycled cotton and the feature exaggerated folds at the high-rise waist and wide legs. The brand suggests you wear them low slung on the hips, though, for a slouchier fit – as you can see in the image above.

They come in five different washes with sizes ranging from 20 to 32. Let me remind you here, that the brand’s baggy jeans tend to run big, so you need to size down.

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