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Trending RN – Colored Wide-Leg Jeans

Trending RN – Colored Wide-Leg Jeans
blue corduroy pants
Urban Outfitters High & Wide Corduroy Pants ($69) – 6 colors

Colored denim is so definitely making a huge comeback! Judging by all the fashion shows, previews, and also streetstyle features, these coming seasons are going to be strong on green, orange, all shades of pink and more.

This is why we’re re-thinking the idea of colored jeans. Its been quite a few years since colored denim was a top trend, and we do kind of miss it.

And wide-leg jeans are THE must-do style right now, so there’s no question. We are doing colored wide leg jeans and invite you to join us 😉

You will find some of the best options available to shop for RN – and don’t be shy – show off your inner color girl this fall and winter!

corduroy pants

Anthropologie Maeve Colette Corduroy Wide-Leg Pants ($130)

wide-leg jeans

Raf Simons Pink Logo-Patch Jeans ($780)

low-rise jeans

The Ragged Priest Low Rise Baggy Jeans ($90), available in 4 colors

orange wide-leg jeans

BDG High & Wide Jeans ($69)

B SIDES Lasso high-rise wide-leg jeans ($385)

cropped jeans

Fay Cropped Wide-Leg Jeans ($143)

tie-dye jeans

Marques’ Almeida Frayed-cuff tie-dye organic-cotton wide-leg jeans ($590)

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