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Ever since we featured Rihanna in her super baggy cuffed jeans — we have been with our radar tuned to wide cuffs. Single or double cuff, both work. And – no surprise here – wide cuffs are what we are seeing everywhere we look.

When you previously rolled up the the cuffs of your boyfriend jeans, you now just need to do one single big cuff. Cool right, you can even adhere to this trend on the jeans you already own. It works for all fits and styles, from the super skinnies to the oversized like Rihanna’s bad boys (below).

baggy jeans

Actually, the wide-cuff idea isn’t even new at all. When women first started to wear jeans in the 1930’s, the only option back then were men’s jeans. And cuffing their jeans was back then – and today – the best option to adapt the jeans to your own body.

You can either shop for any pair of regular inseam jeans and cuff them instead of cutting them off. The best options are denim brands that offer different length inseams like Gap and American Eagle.

If you are into the women who wear men’s jeans trend, then the Original Levi’s 501 jeans are a cool choice. I wear mine oversized and with a longer inseam (34″ instead of my usual 30″) and with a wide cuff halfway up my calves.

Another suggestion: it’s super edgy to cuff a pair of selvedge jeans with their telltale selvage red trim, like the men’s Naked & Famous Indigo Left Hand Twill Jeans and the Double RL RRL Slim Fit Selvedge Jeans.

If you prefer shopping for ready made cuffed jeans, then our suggestions for the ladies are the R13 Kate Cuffed Skinny Jeans and the Mott & Bow LAIGHT slim boyfriends. Other options are the LOEWE Fisherman Jeans, a bestseller for quite some time already,

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