AG Jeans – Hello denimheads, you need to check out their selvedge denim capsule like right now!

The men’s and women’s Selvage Collection, made on original wooden looms, celebrates the original craftsmanship of vintage denim. The capsule features 35 unique styles from 12 of the world’s most-respected mills from six countries around the world. 

Each style tells a different story from the rich history of denim, like, the popular Tellis style, which uses the last fabric from the historic Cone White Oak Plan in Greensboro, North Carolina. You won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to wear a piece of fashion history. 

“AG searched the world over for the best selvage denim, spending over a year exploring countries with rich histories in cotton cultivation, authentic indigo dyeing techniques, and traditional craftsmanship.

We selected the most well-known and some unknown, denim mills were selected for their exemplary fabrics. Cone Denim. Kaihara. Candiani. Isko. Kurabo. Atlantic. Kuroki. Showa. Nihon Menpu. Shinotex. Nameless. Advance.

20 selvages to celebrate AG’s 20 years of denim making history. Selvage is the rarest and most unique denim, often crafted on original wooden shuttle looms. Selvage denim represents the artisanal craftsmanship of a fabric we love and honor.”

You can shop for the AG selvedge denim collection which includes jeans for both, men and women, here. The capsule includes more selvedge jeans options for men than women, but that is ok, too. Many, if not most, of us selvedge denim loving ladies are more than happy to wear men’s jeans anyway – read more here.

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  1. I have worked in fashion business for decades. The top denim designers of the past always had a back room where the secret weapon is hidden. It is a room where the design wizards are kept secret. They are not the builders, ‘they are the creators’. You ask, who are these creators? The answers may never be told. The wizards are secret.
    Mainstream musicians have their secret weapons. Their wizards are are rarely known. They are the secret weapons of the musicians. They to are kept in the back room where they design music and lyrics for the singers and musicians.


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