green jeans

There is always a good and, to be precise, always a very welcome time to add a new and exciting denim piece to our collection. Looking at our denim staples, we have them all – blue, black, grey, white, and more.

But there is one wash that we don’t see very much, except when it comes to cargo and military pants – a cool green denim wash.

Sustainable Los Angeles based lifestyle brand, Boyish, just added a capsule in a green wash and we are so on board! And it’s very fitting, too. Sustainable + green makes for a perfect match, and who is not into a green planet… All of us certainly should be.

Get excited now with the Boyish green capsule collection – check it out below!

loose jeans

Ziggy | Green Mile ($168) – Loose fitting and high waisted jeans are the most popular trend and now you can do them in a green wash!

denim jackets

The Harvey | Green Mile ($188) – Bingo for those of you needing a “good reason” to go for a new denim jacket!

denim overalls

Hendrix | Green Mile ($188)

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