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Katie Holmes in Ankle Length Slim Straight Jeans

Katie Holmes in Ankle Length Slim Straight Jeans

Kendall Jenner, Kristen Stewart, and now also Katie Holmes, among many more celebrities have become addicted to the black loafers worn with white socks trend. And preferably styled with ankle length straight jeans. There is no escaping, we’re also seeing a lot of these on the streets here in New York City.

Katie was recently facing a pretty cold fall day as she was out in New York, sporting the exact above mentioned look. A pair of rigid denim slim straight jeans in an ankle length teamed with white socks and black loafers from Acne Studios ($800).

We’re so totally into black loafers. Flat, like the ones Katie is wearing here, as well as chunky and bold. And you can find them for le$$. Check out these from Vagabond Shoemakers ($195), Sam Edelman ($150), MICHAEL Michael Kors ($150), and – of course – Dr. Martens.

Shop for slim straight leg jeans here and here.

On a side note – we love Katie’s pink face mask from evolvetogether. A touch of bright color certainly adds some spunk to any outfit! And also Kudos to all of you who continue wearing their facemask 😉

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