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Levi’s x Hailey Bieber New 501 ’90’s Ad Campaign

Levi’s x Hailey Bieber New 501 ’90’s Ad Campaign
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Just when you are looking for a good reason to add yet another pair of your beloved Levi’s 501 jeans to your denim staples…

Levi’s just released their newest take on the classic 501 jeans for the ladies, the Levi’s 501 ’90s jeans. The difference? They do have a lower rise and a trendy looser fit, just as fashion demands now.

For now, these jeans are only available to buy on the Levi’s App. But we are pretty sure they will also be online on their website and in the stores soon.

Available in a size range from 23 to 34 and inseams of 30″ and 32″, the 501 ’90s jeans come in two washes. Both are a rather similar medium vintage wash. We weren’t yet able to figure out the difference on the app but will keep you updated when we get a chance to review the jeans personally. So stay tuned, we’re working on it!

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