It’s almost next year already and what better way to “renew” and go for a fresh (denim) start?! New jeans, definitely!

Once again our team was busy in checking out websites and stores to find the edgiest, coolest, and most certainly different, denims for you guys. And as we believe most of you already own the basic denim staples, we went for the more outside-of-the-box styles. Jeans that you won’t find out there easily, fun jeans, cool, and edgy. Exactly what we are hoping this coming new year will be for all of us!

Scroll down and find out – nothing boring there, we promise 😉

Vetements Flared Distressed Jeans – A seriously cool color and we love the open slit and over-long baggy fit. If pink jeans isn’t you, they are also available in a distressed blue and black wash

drawstring jeans

L.E.J. Drawstring-Cuff Straight-Leg Jeans – Are you addicted to the comfy sweatpants style – go here for an interesting denim version

Givenchy Straight-Leg Zip Detailed Jeans – If you love zippers, here goes a quite unusual way to do them. Or check below for even more zippers

zipper jeans

Alexander McQueen Zip Slim-Leg Jeans

Marni Abstract-Print Wide-Leg Jeans – Discreet in a way, but still very much attention calling

men's baggy jeans

Li-Ning Baggy Jeans – Cropped, Baggy, with carpenter details, go grunge

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