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Marc Jacobs continued his fall 2022 collection with literally floor sweeping denim pieces made of recycled left-over materials. A trend he started when making his post-pandemic comeback in 2021.

With just 10 looks modeled by a veritable A-list, from Bella Hadid to Anok Yai, the collection hung on the idea of destruction. Cargo pants were cut up and remade into skirts. Jacobs’s new monogram was shredded into fringe that spiderwebbed around torsos and trailed along the floor. Plastic paillettes, worn by Meryl Streep on the red carpet, were strung into belly chains and adornments. This interstitial collection was not intended to introduce new ideas but rather to further the message lurking in Jacobs’s mind of late: one of looming, semi-threatening models with a postapocalyptic edge.

Reconstructed from existing garments. Look one on Bella Hadid (above) is black denim patchworked to create a balloon jacket and fishtail skirt, worn with a black sequin ribbon top and opera gloves. Look two worn by Gigi Hadid (below) is light blue denim twisted into a shawl and floor length skirt, with silver coin-sized sequins draped across the body creating a chain mail effect.

You can shop for the current Marc Jacobs collection at SSENSE, NET-A-PORTER, and at CETTIRE.

denim looks

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