ripped jeans

If you are into the very, like really very much ripped, then the AGOLDE ’90s Mid Rise Loose Jeans are what you are looking for.

Not only do these jeans feature rips and feathered distressing along the front, but they are also torn at the back of one of the legs. And who says you can’t add some more rips yourself on the other leg as well?! 😉 Oh yes, and we also love the very authentic looking feathered hems. This style is available in eight different colors.

But if you think these bad boys are too ripped for your taste, don’t leave just yet! because if you love ripped but without very ripped, then AGOLDE has you covered as well. They have the same ’90s jeans also “moderately” ripped, only around the knees and these come in twelve different washes (whoa!).

Or, you could also opt for the ’90s Pinch Waist High Rise Jeans which feature only a torn hole on one of the legs.

Not for you? No problem, AGOLDE has included many more options in their current spring collection. Check them out on their website, at Nordstrom, and at Bloomingdale’s.

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