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Kyiv-based denim label Ksenia Schnaider is calling for financial support as the company’s employees seek safety in bomb shelters or flee to other countries.

“Our entire 30-person team has been forced to prioritize their safety and take care of their families during the war. Our business has been brutally halted.

We cannot afford to wait for wholesale payments, and therefore we ask you to purchase a Support Card that will help provide our team with food and medical supplies during the war. We pray for peace and immediately after the end of the war we will return to work and this financial support will be converted into gift certificates.”

The financial support will be converted into gift certificates when it is safe to resume work. The support cards are available to purchase on the brand’s website in $5, $50 and $500 amounts. Links to the Ukrainian Red Cross and Come Back Alive, a foundation that supports the Ukrainian Armed Forces, are also accessible on the site.

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