boyfriend jeans

Yeah, right, in the past few seasons, we haven’t seen much of California based denim brand, GRLFRND and here’s one of the reasons:

When Barney’s was still around, GRLFRND used to be one of their best selling denim, but then Barney’s “went away” and, sadly, so did many denim brands. Or, let’s say it like this: Barney’s used to be the place where you could always bet on finding new and exciting denim brands. And, sadly, so far we haven’t found any other store or online retailer of whom we can say the same…

But, leaving the reminiscent behind, here’s something to feel excited about. NET-A-PORTER included a new boyfriend jean from GRLFRND (love this somehow word game!) and we’re in lust.

The Lauren has a that trendy 90’s vibe as opposed to the traditional baggy boyfriend jean that we used to wear cuffed at the ankles. The slouchy wider cut leg with the super long inseam is totally top-trend and definitely a style that’s here to stay for the next few seasons as well.

You can also shop for more very cool styles from the brand at SSENSE, FWRD, and at Nordstrom.

Lauren Boyfriend Jeans ($225)

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