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One of the most posted questions from our readers is: exactly, what are organic cotton jeans and why is this term popping up on more and more websites.

Well, we all know of the importance of sustainability, especially in the fashion industry. While we constantly becoming more aware about how important it is to preserve our planet, many are not ready yet to make the switch from fast to slow fashion. One of their biggest arguments is the issue of top trending, one season only, fashion must-haves. And a variety of new collections every few months at least.

And it’s exactly there where we can feel that the fashion industry is slowly, but surely turning. Many fashion brands nowadays are investing more in core collections rather than seasonal ones. Meaning that they are dedicating more time and efforts to produce classic and evergreen styles. This, of course, also effects the fast fashion market.

Which also leads to a slow-down of fashion trends that are right now, gone next season.

Now, back to the question of organic cotton. In a few short words, organic cotton jeans are produced sustainably and environmentally friendly while also caring for the people that work in the industry.

Organic cotton jeans generally are a classic, evergreen style, but of course, there are also exceptions. These days, lots of denim brands working with organic cotton, also include top trending styles in their collections.

Below you can find some really interesting new denims made of organic cotton – fashion “friendly” and sustainable – a perfect combination.

NET-A-PORTER was one of the first online shopping sites to include organic cotton denims – see below. You can also check out more of their really cool options here.

And below some more of of our favorite organic cotton jeans – for her as well as for him!

ripped jeans

Triarchy Ms, Triarchy Destroyed Straight-Leg Organic Cotton Jeans ($220)

men's jeans

Y/Project Organic Cotton Jeans ($371)

tapered jeans men

Scotch & Soda Ralston Organic Cotton Jeans ($178)

men's grey jeans

Banana Republic Slim Organic Cotton Jeans ($100)

Nudie Jeans was one of the first denim brands to launch organic cotton denim back then (20 years ago)

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