tapered jeans

Well, who cares if the back is the front. Or the front is the back. As long as it looks cool with the added benefit of being quite eye-catching, anything goes, right?!

Balmain’s newest denim drop, the Back To Front boyfriend distressed jeans are exactly the front is the back kind. The jeans feature the traditional back pockets and the brand’s label in front, but the back of the jeans is totally clean except for the original front pockets which are actually more to the side than the middle.

But on the other hand, Balmain did not rip the jeans on the back which would be the logical thing to do. But then again, what is really logical in fashion?

So you have your feathered rips all over the front of both legs comme il faut.

This style not really your kind? No problem, you can find all kinds of different Balmain jeans here and here.

straight leg jeans

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