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If you are new to the selvedge denim addict cult, or even if you’ve been a member since forever, it is always interesting to find out more. To understand better why normally selvedge jeans are more expensive than even premium denim jeans.

Which, by the way, isn’t even the case so much these days anymore.

You can find lots of selvedge jeans out there with a very reasonable price-tag. But more about this in our dropdown below.

The weave of selvedge denim is tighter and denser – and the production process is more labor intensive with more delicate equipment. The main takeaway is when you buy selvedge denim, you are getting premium denim that is denser and less likely to fray.

And if you are wondering about the term selvedge or selvage:

Selvage is the American spelling of the word, and selvedge is the British spelling. The word is a corruption of the words self edge.

The definition of selvedge denim is related to self-edge or self-finished fabric edges. Selvedge denim jeans use the actual self-edge in the jean construction – specifically along the outer seams.

As our team likes to refer to it – selvedge denim is practically haute couture denim.

This said, we’ve searched for the newest drop of selvedge jeans available right now, with and without stretch. And in a good price-range so you can be sure to find a pair that fits not only your body but also your wallet!

One more thing – selvedge jeans don’t necessarily have to be made of dark raw indigo. You can find them in all shades of blue and black, distressed and destroyed. And yes, also ecru and white, just like any other pair of jeans.

Scroll down to find our favorite picks available to purchase right now.

slim fit selvedge jeans

Naked & Famous Super Guy Skinny Fit Jeans ($165) – similar here

destroyed selvedge jeans

Todd Snyder Slim Fit Selvedge Jeans ($198) – available in six different washes

ecru selvedge jeans

DRAKE’S Straight-Leg Selvedge Cotton-Corduroy Trousers ($425) – similar here

skinny selvedge jeans men

J.Crew 250 Skinny-Fit Stretch On Demand Jeans ($78) – similar here

Neighborhood Savage Deep-Basic Straight-Leg Distressed Selvedge Jeans in blue and in grey – similar in blue and grey

distressed jeans men

MARCO PESCAROLO Distressed Selvedge Jeans ($645)

tapered men's jeans

G-Star RAW 3301 Slim Selvedge 32″ Stretch Jeans ($250)

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