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Fall Is Here! We 💙 Corduroy – Ladies Edition

Fall Is Here! We 💙 Corduroy – Ladies Edition
baggy corduroy jeans
The Ragged Priest Sweeper Corduroy Jeans ($90)

Corduroy is a perfect choice for fall and it is also a good option for all denim lovers who feel like giving their blue (or black) denim jeans a break.

Corduroy jeans come in many different colors and with different fabric options. Just like denim, you have the choice between 100% cotton and stretch. You can also choose between thicker and thinner fabrics, depending on your preference.

And for those of you who are curious about what corduroy is made of:

Corduroy is made from any of the major textile fibers and with one warp and two fillings. After it is woven, the back of the cloth is coated with glue; the floats of pile yarn are then cut in their center. The glue prevents the filling from drawing out of the goods during the cutting.

Below you can find our teams’ top choices available right now and we hope you will find your next favorite pair right now and here!

Today it’s all about the ladies’ – men’s coming up ASAP, stay tuned, guys!

corduroy jeansC

Citizens of Humanity Paloma Baggy Corduroy ($238)

colored jeans

Pleione Corduroy Flared Pants ($44)

blue corduroy pants

Denimist Sophie High-Rise Corduroy Pants ($295)


UO Shane Corduroy Wide-Leg Overalls ($79)

pleated corduroy jeans

Alix of Bohemia Eliot Cropped Corduroy Pants ($405)

skinny corduroy pants

AG Prima Corduroy Jeans ($188)

hi-rise corduroy jeans

ASKK NY Brighton High-Rise Wide-Leg Corduroy Pants ($255)

slim corduroy jeans

Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda High-Rise Corduroy Slim Jeans ($28.35) – size inclusive

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