denim maxi skirt

Fashion week is once again in full swing here in New York City. The weather has been “playing along” with perfect temperatures, Not the sweltering summer heat, but pleasantly warm with a slight breeze.

For the first time in years, we’ve noted that as opposed to previous times, there were a lot of ladies wearing denim skirts this time. That was interesting, because I remember from the past years… we used to see a lot more jeans with an occasional denim dress or denim skirt in between.

We hope that some of these images will inspire you to reach out for a denim skirt instead of your beloved jeans! Changes are always good and interesting, don’t you agree?!

Check out some links where you can find a good selection of denim skirts in many different styles and washes here, here, and here.

denim mini skirt
double denim
denim midi skirt

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