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Cotte D’Armes Spring/Summer 2023, named “In God I Trust”, was created by Clarence Ruth in special honor to Virgil Abloh. And his partnerships with Dainese, Burkindy, and IDOL, helped to visually bring his collection story to life.

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Biker culture is often viewed as edgy, dangerous, with a spirit of rebellion. In partnering with Italian motorcycle gear company, Dainese, key accessories are provided to fully encapsulate the technology and innovation involved in biker outerwear. Since 1972, world champion athletes and space astronauts have trusted Dainese performance gear. Their ergonomic mindset with apparel and functionality further authenticates this portion of the collection. Their passionate approach to outerwear has not only raised performance standards but has redefined the stylistic image of biker culture.


Burkindy provided additional key accessories for the Cotte D’Armes collection. Cross pendants, chains and rings were custom designed in alignment with the garments. Gold pendants helped to convey the clergy inspiration behind the collection. Rings added to the regal pageantry of the collection. While contemplating the design of the rings, Burkindy had an epiphany. Laying down in his room one night, he gazed upon a cross on his wall. He noticed the nails which were nailed into Jesus’ hands. It was at this moment Burkindy decided to make the rings into the shape of a nail to wrap around a finger. A small yet significant detail can be spotted on the side of the rings. An inscription which reads: In God I Trust. The motorcycle, biker aspect of the collection was more obvious than the Christianity inspired side. Burkindy’s jewelry further explained the spiritual, religious story being told.


Incorporating By IDOL accessories was vital towards conveying the theme for the Cotte D’Armes collection. IDOL stands for “I Dream of Love”. This collection is inspired by the love of God. It was a perfect collaboration to have such an intentionality made handbag be shown along with the garments. The Purpose Bag was intentionally selected because of its functionality. The handbag itself can be deconstructed to lay flat. Being able to disassemble and reassemble makes this bag perfect for travel and nomadic lifestyles. The minimal yet purposeful design was perfect in supporting the Cotte D’Armes collection while adding an elevated look. The durability of The Purpose Bag makes it both sustainable and fashion forward.

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