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Kelly Osbourne in Super Baggy Patchwork Denim Overalls {revised}

Kelly Osbourne was spotted in baggy vintage denim overalls while helping her boyfriend, Erik Bragg, fixing and cleaning his car. And later on she sported the same overalls,

Camila Cabello in Ksenia Schnaider Denim Overalls

Camila Cabello was snapped arriving at the airport in Coral Gables clad in distressed denim overalls. And not just any kind of overalls - they are from Ukrainian designer, Ksenia Schnaider,

You Asked, We found! Coveralls For The Guys

A couple of weeks ago we did a feature about boiler suits for women. And - we were somewhat baffled - we received tons of emails and Instagram messages from guys

GUCCI – Dirty Grass Stained Denim Overalls?

Gucci is selling strategically stained denim overalls for a whopping $1,400 - perfect for poseurs who want to look rugged but are really just rich. And if you're also a total label whore then you will love those

Ashley Tisdale in Distressed Denim Overalls

Ashley Tisdale was out in Los Angeles, wearing cropped and distressed denim overalls. Even though we are more about boiler suits these seasons, denim overalls are a classic. Never completely out

Scarlett Johansson in Denim Bermuda Overalls

Scarlett Johansson was seen this weekend, making a grocery run in the Hampton's. She was sporting lightweight denim overalls, or should I say bermuderalls (!), paired with a blue jacket.

Margot Robbie in Oversized Striped Denim Overalls

Grocery shopping is the thing to to these days when you absolutely need a break from your four walls, or, ok, when you stomach starts making funny noises.

Top Denim Trends RN – Boiler Suits And Overalls

We realize that boiler suits are not exactly the most comfortable item on our list right now. But, as we are always into the positive thinking thing, we know (and you know) one day

Alessandra Ambrosio in One Teaspoon Leopard Overalls

Looking trendy and fashionable always and everywhere is part of the job description for any model, including ex-models. Alessandra Ambrosio doesn't disappoint, even while out only for grocery

Selena Gomez in Black Denim Overalls

Selena Gomez was spotted out in Los Angeles, clad in black denim overalls. We feel that lately Selena has been doing a lot more denim than usually and we're stoked. We love Selena and we love denim - a perfect combi!