Sunday, September 23, 2018
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Dustin Weidner
An American living in Stockholm, Sweden focusing on product reviews. I have an active lifestyle and will be looking for denim that excels in both form and function.
Williamsburg Garment Company HOPE STREET jeans

Williamsburg Garment Company HOPE STREET Slim Tapered Jeans Review

Williamsburg Garment Company has a simple approach: source American Cone Mill denim, make them in the USA, and provide them at attractive prices. Nothing fancy just quality American made jeans at better than average...
Planet Knox and CORDURA Denim

Planet Knox Richmond Jean with CORDURA Denim review

Sometimes I come across a pair of jeans that's not entirely in my wheel house but catches my eye well enough by presenting an abundance of ambition and innovation. This time I'm going to...
Gilded Age Old School Reserve jeans

Gilded Age Old School Reserve Raw Jean Review

Let's be honest, raw denim is everywhere and has been for some time. With the seeming saturation of brands out there, sometimes I find it more of a chore than anything else to buy...
G-Star Staq 3D Raw jeans

G-Star Staq 3D Tapered Jeans in 3D Raw Review

There is a real and intense vibe I get whenever I put on a pair of G-Star jeans and it's absolutely no different with the G-Star Staq 3D tapered jeans in 3D raw. The...

Fidelity Denim Torino Oxy Navy Jeans Review

I’m jumping right back in with another review, this time for Fidelity Denim. This review came at a perfect time as I was looking for a new pair of jeans to stand in for...
Joe’s Fahrenheit Collection Brixton jeans

Joe’s Fahrenheit Collection Brixton Jeans Review

The temperatures are dropping, really dropping, and most of us try anything to keep warm as the frigid wind seems to rip through our very being. Previously when I lived in the Northeast part...
Soorty Hipster Collection jeans

SOORTY Hipster Collection Jeans Review

When I first heard about SOORTY, I must be honest, I wasn't exactly sure what type of review I was getting into. I was asked to take my actual measurement from waist to knee...
Joes Jeans Brixton Premium Collection Edition jeans

Joe’s Brixton Jeans Review

Raw denim has seemingly taken over my world so I always feel a bit refreshed when I get a nice soft distressed pair of jeans to review. Enter, the Joe’s Brixton jeans. Joe’s has been...
PRPS Noir Rambler Selvedge Cycle jeans

PRPS Noir Rambler Selvedge Cycle Jeans Review

This is what I have been waiting to get my hands on - another pair of PRPS destroyed and patched up jeans. If there is one thing that I have continued to talk about,...
PRPS Goods & Co Demon Cabana jeans

PRPS Goods & Co Demon Cabana Jeans Review

PRPS has long been recognized as an elite denim brand renowned for quality handcrafting and a meticulous eye for real distressing details. However, that elite craftsmanship always came at a hefty cost which many...