Celebrity Denim

Kate Moss… Again

I know I have posted photos of Kate Moss wearing these jeans before but she looks so cool that I couldn't resist posting some more. Here she is wearing a pair of Siwy Jeans...

Ashley Olsen in Flares

2007 is supposed to be the year that low-rise jeans gave way to high-waisted ones, and skinny jeans were replaced by their wider-legged counterparts. If A-List Fashionista Ashely Olsen is anything to go by...

Harrods Rocks Denim Fashion Show

Harrods of London is holding a very special fashion show in aid of the children's Jeans For Genes charity on Thursday 22nd February. The show will features denim brands such as Rock and Republic,...

Liz Hurley Promotes Jordache Jeans @ Macys

Last year I reported that Liz Hurley was to be the new face of Jordache Jeans. Well yesterday she started carrying out her no doubt very well paid duties by promoting the brand at...

Evangeline Lilly in Denim Of Virtue Jeans

If you had to be shipwrecked on a desert island with someone, you could do a lot worse than the adorable Evangeline Lilly from Lost. Here she is signing autographs last week in a...

Mischa Barton in Serfontaine X-Fit Fox Jeans

Mischa Barton was photographed in New York last month wearing a pair of Serfontaine X-Fit Fox Jeans. These jeans have some interesting features such as a contoured waistband to prevent "whale tail" and invisible...

Nicole Richie & Sophia Bush in J Brand Jeans

When it comes to a celebrity client list, then J Brand Jeans really take some beating. Barely a week goes by without someone famous being seen out in their figure hugging jeans. Last week...

Celeb Trend – Faded Skinny Jeans & Boots

Denim trends may come and go but one tried and tested look which is guaranteed to work during the winter months is faded skinny jeans tucked into boots. Three of the UK's most stylish...

David Beckham in PRPS Jeans

David Beckham has been in the news a fair bit this last week, according to reports he is set to receive $250million for playing for the Los Angeles Galaxy. With that sort of income...

Kate Moss in Siwy Rose Jet Jeans

Kate Moss has started 2007 the same way she ended 2006 - not married to smackhead Pete Doherty and wearing Siwy Jeans. Here she is seen leaving at E&O restaurant in London this...