Celebrity Denim

Kate Moss in Siwy Rose Jet Jeans

Kate Moss has started 2007 the same way she ended 2006 - not married to smackhead Pete Doherty and wearing Siwy Jeans. Here she is seen leaving at E&O restaurant in London this...

Vanessa Minnillo – New Face Of Bongo Jeans

Bongo Jeans have announced that ex-reality TV star Kristin Cavallari is to be replaced by the slightly more famous MTV Presenter Vanessa Minnillo in their new advertising campaign. Ms Minnillo has taken to her...

Denim Brand Of The Year – J Brand Jeans

2006 has been a pretty incredible year for J Brand Jeans - they have gone from being a start up jeans label to being the hottest denim brand on the planet. In the last...

Who Has Best Celebrity Denim Behind?

Xmas and New Year is a pretty slow denim news time so how about a poll instead (courtesy of People.com). You can vote for the celebrity whose behind you think looks the best in...

Celebrity Denim Icon 2006 – Kate Moss

The votes are in and I am pleased to announce that Kate Moss has won the Celebrity Denim Icon for 2006. This result is hardly a surprise as the supermodel was partly responsible for...

Mary Kate & The World’s Skinniest Jeans

Competition for the 2006 World's Skinniest Jeans Award has been fierce. For a while it looked like Nicole Richie would walk away with it, however Mark Kate Olsen has won the judges vote...

Jessica Biel Loves Her Paper Denim Jeans

Everyone knows that once you are famous you get given everything for free, especially anything fashion related. In fact some celebs seem to have so many clothes that the rarely ever wear the same...

House Of Dereon – Beyonce’s Denim Label

I thought I knew all the celebrity denim labels that were out there but this week I stumbled across House Of Dereon - the clothing brand developed by Beyonce and her mother. This label has...

Celebrity Denim Icon 2006 – Vote Now

I thought it might be interesting to find out who the readers of this site thought was the Celebrity Denim Icon for 2006. When I say Denim Icon I mean the person who wore...

Victoria Beckham To Sue Rock & Republic?

According to today's Sunday Mirror, Victoria Beckham (pictured earlier this week looking like Dracula in a black cape and skinny jeans) is threatening to sue Rock & Republic for whom she designed a range...