Celebrity Denim

Jessica Simpson in Frankie B

When it comes to denim Jessica Simpson can usually be seen in faded bootcuts. On a trip to Tampa's Hard Rock Hotel and Casino last week she decided to update her look by going...

Cameron Diaz’s New Hairstyle & Jeans

In a parallel universe I have my own brand of jeans and I am going out with Cameron Diaz. Unfortunately in the real world not only is she going out with Justin Timberlake but...

J & Company ‘Bling your Blues’ Benefit Campaign

J & Company have launched a 'Bling your Blues' benefit campaign to raise money for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Celebrities such as Sharon Stone, Kirsten Dunst, Eva Longoria and Mena...

Kristin Cavalleri – The New Face Of Bongo Jeans

Kristin Cavalleri is the new not very famous celebrity representative of Bongo the not very famous brand of jeans. Seems like they are made for each other.

Jessica Simpson’s Favourite Jeans

Jessica Simpson may have come across as a spoilt, dimwit on her reality TV show but one thing is for sure, she is a hot looking spoilt dimwit. Here she is looking every inch...

Joe’s Skinny Jeans

JOE’S “Getz” Cigarette Jean JOE'S Jeans have added two new styles to their range - The Cigarette (straight and narrow fit) as seen on teen party animal Lindsay Lohan and The Chelsea (ultra slim fit)...

Kristin Davis – The New Face of KIKIT Jeans

KIKIT, is a denim brand that I had not heard of before this week. That changed however when they announced they were about to launch a national advertising campaign featuring Kristin Davis who played...

J Brand – The Celebs Favourite Skinny Jeans

J Brand seem to be the celebs No 1 favourite skinny jeans at the moment. Earlier this week I posted some photos of Kate Beckinsale looking luscious in a pair of J Brand Jeans....

Celebrity Denim – Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale is a Hollywood glamourpuss who could probably look good in a sack, so put her in a $200 pair of jeans and she is obviously going to turn some heads. Here she...

Liz Hurley – New Face Of Jordache Jeans

Jordache were one of the first designer denim labels back in the 1980s, however in recent years they seem to have been left behind by all the younger, hipper premium denim brands. In order...