Celebrity Denim

Siwy Jeans – Celeb Favourite

Siwy Jeans have only been going for a 18 months but the celebrity following they have built up in that time is already pretty substantial. Recent converts to these figure hugging jeans include Rachel...

Nikki Sixx’s Royal Underground

These days it seems you can't leave your house without bumping into another celebrity launching their own brand of jeans. This week's celeb denim designer is Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue who with Kelly...

Celebrity Denim – Cameron Diaz / William Rast

If I had to dream up a way of marketing a new denim brand I don't think I could come up with anything as perfect as William Rast denim designed by Justin Timberlake and...

Why Buy Premium Denim?

Premium Denim = Hot MommaI often get asked what is the difference between premium denim and regular denim and why the does premium denim cost so much. Put simply the difference is the quality...

Celebrity Denim – Mischa Barton / Siwy Jeans

Mischa Barton is one of those young Hollywood trendsetters that can influence fashion around the world simply by wearing an item of clothing to the local store to buy a newspaper. Along with her...

Celebrity Denim – Kate Winslet / J Brand Jeans

It seems like you can't release a movie at the moment unless it has Kate Winslet in it. All the King's Men, Little Children, Flushed Away and The Holiday are all out between now...

Fidelity Denim’s Spring 07 Line

Fidelity Denim Designer Jason Trotzuk has decided that whilst dark indigo denim might be good for the Autumn/Winter season by the time Spring comes around people will be ready for something fresh and new....

Jude Law’s Denim Crimes

Jude Law, Actor Unacceptable Denim Can someone please have a word with Jude Law. Last week I pointed out that if you are the wrong side of thirty and male you should not be wearing skinny...

Celebrity Denim – Jessica Simpson / Frankie B

Jessica Simpson used to love her True Religion Jeans however since she split up with Nick Lachey she seems to be favouring Frankie B Jeans. Here she photographed leaving Il Sole Restaurant in Hollywood...

Celebrity Denim – Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson was always a cutey but since she split up with rocker Chris Robinson she has obviously been spending a lot more time in the gym and has officially been promoted to the...