Missguided x Sean John + Lots of Rad Denims

One of our favorite shopping sites for jeans that are not only trendy and cool, but also very reasonably priced, is UK base online store, MISSGUIDED. And we also totally love the fact

What We Are Wearing Now: Bootcut Jeans

After many seasons of "also running" the bootcut jeans finally have their official comeback moment again. We have been checking online and also in many brick and mortar stores and can definitely confirm

What’s New – Plus Size and Curvy Jeans for Every Body

Unfortunately, most denim brands are not size inclusive, yet. But we're definitely noticing that more brands are become aware of how important it is to include bigger sizes in their collections.

For The Curvy Ladies – Best Jeans to Shop For RN

Responding to the many email inquiries we are receiving from our readers about trendy jeans for the curvy and plus sized ladies...It's easy to just write about any denim brand without really knowing about their fits and styles..

Best New Jeans For The Curvy Denim Ladies

We're always stating that if there is one thing we'd love to tell all denim companies, it's to please be more size inclusive. Why do most denim brands standardize their sizes from 24 to 32? Isn't anyone telling them that most o

Everlane – The Curvy Cheeky Jeans Available Now

Everlane wants all of the ladies out there to wear their jeans, without any restriction to size, build or anything else. Besides including different inseams for most of their jeans styles,

Top Denim Trends RN – Boiler Suits And Overalls

We realize that boiler suits are not exactly the most comfortable item on our list right now. But, as we are always into the positive thinking thing, we know (and you know) one day

Trendy, Fashionable, AND Cheap Jeans Anyone?

Not always are we in the mood or can afford to spend a lot of money on things we love. And this - of course - goes for denim as well. As you know, premium denim comes pretty expensive

Fashion Weeks International: Denim Trends 2020

After weeks of hectic fashion events all over the world. After watching tons of runway and fashion shows. And, after checking out hundreds of street style looks, there is one thing we can say for sure: The skinny stretchy spandex jeans have run their course.

Skinny Jeans are Dead. Long Live The Skinny Jeans!

In spite of having declared the skinny jean dead, so last decade, there are tons of ladies out there that will by no means give up on them.