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Bella Hadid in Slouchy Low-Slung Black Jeans

Bella Hadid and her dad, David Foster, went out for lunch at Il Pastaio In Beverly Hills in celebration of her dad's birthday. Bella wore a pair of fashionable low-slung

Kylie Jenner Wearing Black Levi’s Dad Jeans

Kylie Jenner, who's right now in Paris, went for some culture intake to the Louvre in Paris with some friends. And yeah, she's actually in Paris, reportedly having received a “business exemption”

Emily Ratajkowski in Ripped Oversized Dad Jeans

Sporting a cool relaxed summer look, Emily Ratajkowski was enjoying a day out in New York City. She wore oversized dad jeans low on her hips

Let’s Talk About Dad Jeans: Comfort + Cool

The thing is that I am really becoming tired and fed up of wearing sweatpants and leggings. It's been only about one month or so, but it already feels like I have been living in those for a lifetime.

Dua Lipa in Baggy Hi-Rise Double Waist Dad Jeans

Dua Lipa was snapped as she was leaving her apartment building in New York City. She sported a cool and quite interesting pair of jeans - a high waisted baggy dad jean style featuring a double waistband.

Bella Hadid in Levi’s Top Trend Dad Jeans

Bella Hadid was seen enjoying a beach day in Miami where he is currently for Art Basel. She wore a pair of Levi's Dad Jeans slung low on her hips over her black bikini and added

Kate Bosworth Wearing Levi’s Dad Jeans

Kate Bosworth was out in Studio City, Los Angeles, wearing a pair of dad jeans. Slouchy, oversized and worn loose at the hips, the dad jeans have been popping up quite a lot lately.

Hailey Bieber Wearing Levi’s Dad Jeans

So if you still don't believe after all that noise that Hailey Bieber - former Baldwin - actually tied the knot with Justin Bieber, scroll down.

Always Trending: Black Jeans (Skinnies Not Included Here)

Really, we cannot post enough about black jeans - they're always top trend, always doable. Always an option, and always a way out to: "I have nothing to wear".

Cropped or Regular Length – We Broke it Down!

What with all the cropped and frayed hem jeans out there, we have received lots of e-mails from our readers asking if it was okay to wear any jean-style cropped, cut-off, and/or with unfinished hems. Or should we actually do a longer inseam.