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Denim Advice – The Perfect Way To Fray Your Jeans

Let's make this short and to the point! After cutting off your jeans, just bang them against anything solid and sturdy. Like the corner of a dresser, against your

Straight Leg Jeans For Curvy Women? Absolutely Yes!

There are some people out there saying that curvy women should either stick to their skinnies or to boyfriend jeans. And we so totally do not agree.

White Jeans – Avoid See-Through and Clingy by all Means!

This feature is for all denim lovers looking for white jeans - guys and ladies - and how to avoid a see-through drama!

Ripped Jeans in Winter? Definitely Yes! Find Out How:-)

How's that for a rad style inspiration? A couple of weeks ago, Gigi Hadid was seen out in cold weather New York City, wearing --- a pair of ripped jeans ---! And to avoid freezing legs, Gigi layered them over a pair of black opaque tights.

Do you Have A Problem With Wide Leg Jeans?

And yes, this is actually an issue we have been hearing a lot about from our fans and readers. How to get the right fit when shopping for wide leg jeans. From our own experience with this style we can tell you two fundamental issues:

Denim Advice: If Your Baggy Jeans Are Too Baggy

It happens to us many times when shopping for boyfriend jeans. And in particular, when shopping for vintage jeans. We want to get the loose and edgy fit of an authentic boyfriend jean look,

Denim Disaster – Avoid Looking All Wrinkled

And no, we're not going to say who's the lady in these images because it's really not relevant. What we're

Your Fave Black Jean Isn’t Black Anymore – Help!

When I came across an article about the issue of black jeans fading - I right away thought about all of my comrades in arms denim.

Mid Rise? Hi-Rise? Super Hi-Rise? Sky High? Let’s Clarify!

Before we're going into any details, let us take this opportunity for a shout out to all denim brands and denim retailers: Please, don't just describe jeans as hi-rise

Skinny x Slim Jeans – Find Your Best Fit, Guys!

Basically, what we said in our post for the ladies, the same applies to you guys. Just in case you missed it: The leg style of slim jeans is slightly tapered while the leg style of skinny jeans is closely tapered.