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Zafu – Helping You Find The Perfect Jeans

Zafu.com is the most interesting denim related site that has launched this year. They say that they are able to help women find the perfect pair of jeans - which anyone that has ever...

Spotting Fake Rock & Republic Jeans On eBay

If you are thinking about buying some Rock & Republic Jeans on eBay then you need to be sure you are buying the real thing. Luckily a guide has been produced which tells you...

To Wash Or Not To Wash

Yesterday I wrote about the detrimental effect that regularly washing your jeans is having on the environment. Now I am one of those unusual people that washes their jeans as infrequently as possible. That's...

Dirty Jeans Save The Planet

According to a study by France's environment agency your favourite jeans may are not doing the environment any good. Over the period of a year washing and tumble drying a pair of jeans uses...

Ask The Jean Genie

Are you having trouble finding the perfect pair of jeans? Then I recommend that you try the Glam.com Jean Genie - it will help you find the right pair of jeans to make your...

The Denim Design Lab

The Denim Design Lab is a unique set of tools and instructions to enable you to age and customize your jeans exactly how you want them. The kit comes in a selvage denim carry...

The Jeans Pocket Project

Do you ever see someone wearing a pair of jeans and wonder what brand they are but are too shy to ask? Now there is a great new site to help you discover the...

Spotting Fake Diesel Jeans On eBay

EBay is a great place to get premium jeans at a reduced price but one thing you have to be extra careful about is fakes. EBay does not actively police every auction and therefore...

True Religion Shares A “Good Buy”

An article from financial website TheStreet.com has predicted True Religion Brand Jeans should be on for a good quarter. Their products are "taking up lots of shelf space in all the right stores which...

How To Spot Fake 7 Jeans On eBay

Here are a couple of useful articles on how to spot fakes 7 For All Mankind jeans on eBay (or anywhere else). Genuine jeans will have: - The 3 interior waistband labels - The inner, focal...