High Rise

Kim Kardashian In Anlo Jeans

Finding a pair of jeans to fit when you are the owner of one the world's most famously curvy behinds must be pretty difficult. Kim Kardashain tends to favour Anlo jeans which are high-waisted...

Jessica Simpson in Grey Ant Jeans

Jessica Simpson squeezed her famous curves in a pair of Grey Ant Carpenter Jeans at the Chilli Cook Off in Pembroke Pines, Florida yesterday.

Kourtney Kardashian In J Brand Jeans

Kourtney Kardashian is following in her more famous sister's footsteps this week by being photographed shopping in LA wearing a a pair of J Brand Jeans.

Kim Kardashian In Anlo Jeans

Kim Kardashian squeezed her famous curves into a stylish pair of high-waisted flares by Anlo for a shopping trip in Beverly Hills yesterday.

Katie Holmes In J Brand Jeans

Katie Holmes run in the play All My Sons is coming to and end on Sunday. I for one am certainly going to miss the fabulous range of denim she has been wearing over...

Rachel Bilson In Halloween Hippie Jeans

Rachel Bilson dressed up as an adorable hippie "flower child" for a Halloween last weekend. The outfit included a great pair of high-waisted jeans which I have not been able to ID. If anyone...

Vaness Hudgens In J Brand Jeans

Vanessa Hudgens looks gorgeous in a pair of J Brand ‘Bardot’ high waist skinny leg jeans at the recent press conference promoting High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

Vanessa Hudgens In J Brand Jeans

High School Musical start Vanessa Hudgens wore a pair of high-waisted J Brand “Eve” jeans whilst visiting Berkeley restaurant in Paris this week.

Coleen Mcloughlin In Rich & Skinny Jeans

Coleen Mcloughlin is famous in the UK for being the childhood sweetheart and now wife of one of our best footballers - Wayne Rooney. She was was photographed at a Kylie concert in Manchester...

Cheryl Cole In 18th Amendment Jeans

Cheryl Cole of Girls Aloud was recently quoted as saying "I’ve got a new fondness for high-waisted jeans because they make my legs look longer.” I think she may have been talking about 18th...