New Balance x Yoropiko Denim Project

The New Balance x Yoropiko "Hungry Dragon" Limited 574 Project is yet another denim collaboration from Marin Ksohoh, designer of RMC. This time he is releasing an extremely limited edition set of trainers, jeans...

The Rise Of Japanese Selvedge Denim

The San Franciso Chronicle has published a very well researched and written feature on the rise in popularity of Japanese selvedge denim. The article focuses on Self Edge, the recently opened specialist denim store...

Red Monkey Jeans – Why So Popular?

A while ago I reported about the most searched for jeans according to Yahoo, suprisingly in the No3 position (above Levi's and Diesel) was the little known brand Red Monkey Company Jeans. Now I...

Japanese Denim 101

Not long ago Japanese denim used to be a niche product, however message boards such as Superfuture and StyleForum seem to be spreading the message into the mainsteam. If you want to find out...

Japanese Denim Artisans

If there is one country in the world that really appreciates denim it is Japan and the International Herald Tribune has an interesting article on the length that some designers go to to create...

Premium Japanese Denim For Sale On EBay

If you are looking for the highest quality men's selvage denim jeans then you are going to have to take a trip to Tokyo. Unlike the mass-manufactured American and European jeans Japanese denim brands...

Evisu Ltd Edition Hank-Dyed Indigo Denim Jeans

If you want to get yourself an extra special pair of jeans then have a look at this limited edition hand dyed pair from Evisu. Your average jeans are made from denim that has...

Levi’s Japan Special Edition Jeans

Levi's Japan is opening a store in the online shopping mall ZozoTown. To commemorate the occasion they are launching a number of limited edition men's jeans that appear (I can't really tell because most...

Ironheart Extra Heavy Denim

In my opinion when it comes to men's denim the heavier the better. Most jeans (Levi's, Diesel, etc) are made of 8-12oz (ounce per square yard) denim. If you want to find something heavier...

The Evolution Of Denim

One of the best things about wearing in a pair of raw indigo denim jeans is seeing how they fade over time. The above photos of a pair of Sugarcane 1947 selvage jeans shows...