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Boyfriend Jeans – A Trend We Will Always Love!

It's been some time since we've last talked about boyfriend jeans. But that doesn't mean we've forgotten about them. Very much on the contrary. Boyfriend jeans have always been a beloved staple with our Denimology...

VERISHOP – Our Go-To Site For Size Inclusive Jeans

Unfortunately, it's still quite a hassle to shop for curvy and plus size jeans, and even more so for different brands on one single site. We get that.

Paperbag Jeans – A Cute and Different Denim Style

Following up with our recent feature about the MIU MIU paperbag jeans. We've actually received quite a lot inquiries about this style. It seems

We Found The Trendiest Curvy And Plus Size Jeans!

For the curvy and plus size ladies, finding a pair of jeans that really fit well EVERYWHERE, can be a big challenge. What normally happens is that either the jeans

Madewell – Workwear Collection Relaxed Surplus Jeans

Three things we love about the Madewell Surplus jeans: First off, cargo jeans are very much in demand right now. Second, dark indigo is the wash of the season. And third, the loose 90's and oversized

Plus Size Jeans – We Found The Six Coolest Styles Available Now!

Shopping for plus size jeans can be very frustrating. First off, because a lot of (actually most of) the denim brands go only up to size 33 or 34 max.

Boyish Jeans – Extended Sizing Coming Soon

Here's some really good news - sustainable denim brand, Boyish, is working on creating the perfect extended sizing in addition to their regular sizes.

Abercrombie & Fitch – “Denim Your Way” Ad Campaign

Abercrombie & Fitch is celebrating the comfort, confidence and stress-free spirit of its denim, crafted with the customer in mind. That's really

Straight Leg Jeans For Curvy Women? Absolutely Yes!

There are some people out there saying that curvy women should either stick to their skinnies or to boyfriend jeans. And we so totally do not agree.

Lizzo Wearing Baggy Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

Lizzo was snapped as she was leaving dinner with friends at Catch LA in West Hollywood. She wore a pair of fashionable baggy jeans