Naked & Famous – For Him/Her: Weird Guy Jeans

As you probably know by now, I am one of the women denim addicts who loves to wear men's jeans. And I also prefer, whenever possible, selvedge and raw.

So, About Rigid Denim Jeans – Top Trending RN

To clear your most obvious doubts about rigid denim right here at the beginning: No, rigid doesn’t necessarily mean stiff and uncomfortable - in the longer run. They might feel like this the first time you put them on, but then you do the following:

Tom Holland in a Black Double Denim Outfit

Tom Holland was snapped arriving at the Los Angeles Lakers game. And he had left his red clingy Spider Man outfit at home (or at the movie set)! Instead, he went

Raw Denim Is Not The Same As Dark Blue Denim!

Over the years we have received a lot of inquiries about what's the actual difference between raw denim jeans and dark blue wash jeans.

Let’s Get “Serious” – Jeans To Wear Back At Work

For the majority of us, this past September was the month of leaving your home office and going back to your workplace. Just as school started

Rihanna in Baggy Oversized Raw Indigo Jeans

First it was Jennifer Lopez a couple of weeks ago, and now there's Rihanna also sporting a pair of baggy and oversized raw indigo denim jeans.

Dua Lipa in a Pearl Embellished Double Denim Outfit

Dua Lipa was out for a dinner date at the Rainbow Room in New York City with her boyfriend, Anwar Hadid. She shows us how to do a perfect

Jennifer Lopez in Trendy Raw Indigo Denim Jeans

A beaming Jennifer Lopez was photographed as she arrived at the DSW event on Union Square in New York City.

F/W ’21 Denim Trend: Dark Wash Jeans {Men’s Edition}

This past week we've already covered the ladies in dark blue denims and now we're doing the same for you guys! As for women's the men's fashion trend in denim

Introducing: non – Sustainable and Genderless Denim

Social media is not only for you to post about your latest things, but it's also an amazing way to find out about new stuff. Things you would never know about otherwise, as in our case