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So, About Rigid Denim Jeans – Top Trending RN

To clear your most obvious doubts about rigid denim right here at the beginning: No, rigid doesn’t necessarily mean stiff and uncomfortable - in the longer run. They might feel like this the first time you put them on, but then you do the following:

For The Guys: Six Slim Straight Fit Jeans Available Now

Not all of you guys are into wearing super skinny jeans, even though you love the way they look - on other guys! So the thing is that there is a great alternative.

AG Jeans – Introducing The 20-Year Selvage Collection

AG Jeans - Hello denimheads, you need to check out their selvedge denim capsule like right now! The men's and women's Selvage Collection, made on original wooden looms,

AE77 Review: Skinny Jeans + Recycled Cashmere Sweater

I'm really not a fan of skinny jeans, as you all know by now. But here's the thing. I made that statement loud and clear in the AE77 SoHo store while I was there to choose a pair of jeans for my review. So, the very understanding and knowledgeable sales associated patiently guided me towards the men's skinny jeans ($168). She pointed out that the fit is unisex actually. And the jeans are not really skinny-skinny, but rather slouchy skinny. And I had to try them on. And ---- I left the store wearing them!

Raw Denim Is Not The Same As Dark Blue Denim!

Over the years we have received a lot of inquiries about what's the actual difference between raw denim jeans and dark blue wash jeans.

F/W ’21 Denim Trend: Dark Wash Jeans {Men’s Edition}

This past week we've already covered the ladies in dark blue denims and now we're doing the same for you guys! As for women's the men's fashion trend in denim

Artistic Milliners x Lee Cradle to Cradle Collaboration

If you love selvedge jeans, if you love denim from iconic denim brands, and if you love organic and comfortable - this is definitely something you don't want to miss:

Introducing: non – Sustainable and Genderless Denim

Social media is not only for you to post about your latest things, but it's also an amazing way to find out about new stuff. Things you would never know about otherwise, as in our case

Todd Snyder x Eric Goldstein Collab: New Denim Spring ’21

American designer, Todd Snyder, and Eric Goldstein, a denim veteran who helped launch Ralph Lauren's RRL line and Gap's 1969 collection before co-founding the Jean Shop

Trending: Distressed Selvedge Jeans For The Guys

Lots of people think of selvedge jeans and tend to associate them with raw and un-treated denim. But, the truth is, this couldn't be more wrong.