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New Earnest Sewn Skinny Back Zip Jeans

Can't decide whether to buy yourself a pair of super trendy skinny jeans or go with a more reliable but less hip bootcut style? Then why not get yourself a pair of Earnest Sewn...

Skinny Jeans Tips By Victoria Beckham

Skinny + Heels = Hot Victoria Beckham Skinny + Flats = Not Claudia Schiffer ...

April77 – Fast Living Denim

April77 are based in France and have produced a very distinctive collection of denim that is inspired by late 70s punk and new wave bands. The jeans come in an ultra skinny fit and...

Celebrity Denim – Tommy Lee

Tommy Lee (of Motley Crue and Pamela Anderson fame) knows a thing of two about marketing his personal brand. He's had a reality TV series or two and now he is onto the inevitable...

Barneys Women’s Denim Sale

Chip and PepperStretch Pamela Jean$129.00 $99.00 SALETrue ReligionJoey Stretch Jean$172.00 $109.00 SALE 7 for All MankindExclusive Roxy Skinny Jean$168.00 $109.00 SALE HabitualStretch Skinny Glory Jean$188.00 $119.00 SALE Barneys' is having an sale on women's...

Acne Jeans Autumn/Winter 2006 Collection

Here is a sneak peek of the Acne Jeans Autumn/Winter 2006 Collection in which they say they are attempting to "modernize classic fragments of work wear by adapting it to the period when the...

Extra Tight Denim For Men

The New York Times has an article on which denim to go for if you are trying for the super skinny Joey Ramone punk rock look. However, before attempting this look please check that...

Frankie B – Super Low Super Tight

Frankie B Jeans know that when it comes to denim comfort comes a distant second to looks. Their super low-rise, super butt-hugging jeans do not leave anything to the imagination.

Skinny, Skinnier, Skinniest Jeans

SkinnySkinnierSkinniest If you have a pair of boots which you don't want to hide under bootcuts jeans then you should check out J Brand who are producing some of the tightest jeans on the market....

Cheap Monday – Cheap Premium Skinny Jeans

Not all premium jeans come with a premium price tag. Cheap Monday jeans are yet another new denim brand coming from Sweden. These punk rock skinny fit jeans come in a number of different...